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Archery & Air Rifle Target Shooting

Archery Lessons in Dorset

Are you looking for a new way to entertain the munchkins this summer?

Well Mum's and Dad's why not bring the kids to Eduventuredorset for a morning of Archery?

10.00am to 12.30pm every day throughout the summer holidays.

Adults £20
Children £10 (11yrs and above).
All children must be accompanied by an adult

Air Rifle Target Shooting - Dorset

Another great way to keep the kids entertained this summer?

Come and have a go at Air Rifle Shooting.
Air rifle shooting is a great way to spend a morning. We have an open-air range with various types of targets, such as fixed, drop down and pop up!!
If you have never shot an air rifle, we can teach you the safe and correct way by a very experienced instructor

Contact Steve on 07767 011265 or email for more information.

The Atlatl and Dart

Come to Eduventure Dorset and try your hand at making an ancient hunting dart called an Atlatl

Through the eons of prehistory, primitive peoples from all over the world developed hundreds of unique weapons for hunting game. Among all the technologies invented the atlatl and dart was the first true weapons system, consisting of both a projectile and a launching device. The atlatl, essentially a spear-thrower, was developed in Europe more than 30,000 years ago, and in North America about 12,000 years ago. By comparison, the bow and arrow first appeared here only 2,000 years ago.

Information from An Ancient Hunting Weapon by Thomas J. Elpel

Learn to throw The Atlatl and Dart

Learn to throw The Atlatl and Dart

Archery & Air Rifle Target Shooting in Dorset

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Learn to make and throw The Atlatl and Dart

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