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Bushcraft & Survival

Eduventure Dorset believe that humans by our very nature are hard wired to survive. We are all predisposed to want to live rather than die. It is because of this fear, when our lives are threatened, we as a species have used our intelligence, to overcome adversity. Humans are not well equipped to deal physically with our environments etc, yet we have overcome all nature has thrown at us, despite this. By adapting to our surroundings and being resourceful, people can live in the harshest of environments.

Courses for adults, families, schools and colleges
Prices start from just £50 per person per course

Our Bushcraft courses demonstrate and teach some useful basic skills, which could prove invaluable in a difficult situation one day. Most of all its satisfying, interesting and fun.

  • How to build a variety of different types of shelter or bivvi.
  • How to safely use knives, in order to make a range of useful tools.
  • How to light fires using a variety of methods.
  • How to cook a meal using Dutch ovens for the group.
  • In warmer weather possible overnight stays in a bivvi - this will depend on group requirements.

Build a campfire on our Bushcraft course

Basic Bushcraft Skills Training Courses

Take a look at what we can teach you..

Check out our spoon making gallery

The basic itinerary for the day

  • Meet and greet 09.00am. Sort any paperwork etc
  • Overview for the days course and Safety briefing
  • Warm up
  • Team allocation
  • Intro to skills
  • Lunch approx 12.30
  • Afternoon session
  • End of session 16.30
  • Feedback Staff and clients
  • Onward travel.

Course Information & Requirements

Minimum Age - 10 years if accompanied by a parent or guardian

Maximum number of people on the course - usually 10 - Larger numbers can be accommodated with notice - Maximum 18.

Lunch not provided - only food being used to cook meal in Dutch ovens will be provided.

Unfortunately disabled facilities are not currently available, these will be added in the near future.

All safety equipment will be provided by Eduventure Dorset

Please ensure you wear suitable clothing and footwear, you will be in a forest environment.

The day is designed to be active and fun. Please make sure you are physically fit enough for the activities. Make your instructor aware of any injuries etc.

All clients agree to photographs and video can be used for advertising/publicity etc.

The day is fully insured and risk assessed. However, our insurance company insists that everyone must sign a disclaimer, stating that you are aware that in adventurous activity there are inherent risks. This will be emailed to you prior to starting the course and must be completed by all individuals taking part in activities. A copy can be viewed here.

Eduventure Dorset will accept no liability for lost or damaged equipment. So don’t bring anything valuable please.


Course Dates

Course are held 7 days a week. We are here when its most convenient for you.

We are closed Bank holidays, Christmas and New years day. 

Maximum number of people on each course - usually 10 - Larger numbers can be accommodated with notice - Maximum 18.

Course Costs and Payment

£50 per person per course

If you are organising a booking for 8 or more people, then you go half price.

Once the course date is confirmed then a link will emailed so that you can pay on line.

The Atlatl and Dart

Come to Eduventure Dorset and try your hand at making an ancient hunting dart called an Atlatl

Through the eons of prehistory, primitive peoples from all over the world developed hundreds of unique weapons for hunting game. Among all the technologies invented the atlatl and dart was the first true weapons system, consisting of both a projectile and a launching device. The atlatl, essentially a spear-thrower, was developed in Europe more than 30,000 years ago, and in North America about 12,000 years ago. By comparison, the bow and arrow first appeared here only 2,000 years ago.

Information from An Ancient Hunting Weapon by Thomas J. Elpel

Learn to throw The Atlatl and Dart

Learn to throw The Atlatl and Dart

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Basic Bushcraft and Survival

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Learn to make and throw The Atlatl and Dart

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