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A day in the woods, or a day at work?

My name is Steve Somerfield. I’m a recently retired school teacher and have started up an outdoor business called ’Eduventure Dorset’.

I was recently sitting down at home after a day in the woods and was comparing it to how I used to feel after a day at work. I used to come home feeling exhausted. My evenings revolved around eating dinner, planning the next day’s lessons and then staring at the TV for an hour before hitting the hay. I rarely had a good night’s sleep; I was feeling stressed and anxious about the next day at work. This was my life for twenty years…

Then the penny dropped! Was I living to work or working to live? One thing I remember from living and working in New Zealand is that people over there go to work so that they can live their lives. In this country it seems to be the other way around. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Steve Somerfield in the woods

Since setting up Eduventure Dorset, things are very different for me. I come home physically tired but emotionally charged. I meet a variety of interesting people who are keen to learn about their environment and are enthusiastic about learning and improving their skills in the outdoors. Getting ‘back to basics’ seems to be a rare opportunity in today’s rush-rush world.

At Eduventure Dorset, we work in teams and develop a level of confidence in our own abilities and those of our teammates which cannot be acquired in our everyday lives. We are constantly surprised at how we each face challenges, both physical and emotional when in a natural environment.

So how do I feel after a day in the woods? I feel rejuvenated, I sleep like a log and wake up refreshed looking forward to the next day of adventure. What a difference!

Are you up for a challenge? Would you like to reconnect with nature and ‘get back to basics’ ? Click here for more info….

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