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Why learn Bush Craft Skills?

What is Bush Craft and why should I learn Bush Craft skills?

Bush Craft is a vast range of skills, including, but not limited to fire making, finding water, hunting and fishing, animal tracking, rope making, shelter building, orienteering and navigation, foraging and living off the land. It is a generally used term to cover all aspects of surviving and thriving in an outdoor environment.

Our course includes:

  • How to build a variety of different types of shelter or bivvi.
  • How to safely use knives, to make a range of useful tools.
  • How to light fires using a variety of methods and materials.
  • How to cook a meal using Dutch ovens for the group.
  • In warmer weather, possible overnight stays in a bivvi - this will depend on group requirements.

One of the lessons we teach in Bush Craft  is that what is important about Bush Craft is not just how to create something, but also the management of it; for example, we teach you how to make a fire, but also how to control and maintain it, and ensure minimal impact on your surroundings. Sustainability is a key word in Bush Craft. By adapting to our environments and being resourceful, people can live comfortably with a minimal environmental impact.

Our courses are suitable for everyone in Bush Craft, from beginners to advanced, and our knowledgeable Instructors are happy to answer any questions that arise. 

We provide all of the necessary instruction, challenges and safety equipment that you will need to have a fun and exciting day, as well as the insurances and risk assessments needed to keep everyone safe and cared for.

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