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So are you watching SAS Who Dares Wins?

SAS Who Dares Wins is a Channel 4 TV show where ex-Special Forces soldiers put members of the public through a recreation of the SAS selection process. A show like this always makes people question how they would react in the same situation and many want more information about how to survive if they were put under those same circumstances.

Would you like to learn some new skills and see what you are made of? Come to EduventureDorset and have an exciting and fun day in the woods. Our Bushcraft courses demonstrate and teach some useful basic skills, which could prove invaluable in a difficult situation one day. Most of all its satisfying, interesting and fun.

  • How to build a variety of different types of shelter or bivvi.
  • How to safely use knives, in order to make a range of useful tools.
  • How to light fires using a variety of methods.
  • How to cook a meal using Dutch ovens for the group.
  • In warmer weather possible overnight stays in a bivvi - this will depend on group requirements.

You will come away having learned a little about yourself and a few new skills.

What’s not to like?

Me, a few years ago now, bivvi building in the jungles of Brunei. Brunei serves as one of the British Army's major training areas, specialising in jungle warfare.

A day in the woods, or a day at work?

My name is Steve Somerfield. I’m a recently retired school teacher and have started up an outdoor business called ’Eduventure Dorset’.

I was recently sitting down at home after a day in the woods and was comparing it to how I used to feel after a day at work. I used to come home feeling exhausted. My evenings revolved around eating dinner, planning the next day’s lessons and then staring at the TV for an hour before hitting the hay. I rarely had a good night’s sleep; I was feeling stressed and anxious about the next day at work. This was my life for twenty years…

Then the penny dropped! Was I living to work or working to live? One thing I remember from living and working in New Zealand is that people over there go to work so that they can live their lives. In this country it seems to be the other way around. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Steve Somerfield in the woods

Since setting up Eduventure Dorset, things are very different for me. I come home physically tired but emotionally charged. I meet a variety of interesting people who are keen to learn about their environment and are enthusiastic about learning and improving their skills in the outdoors. Getting ‘back to basics’ seems to be a rare opportunity in today’s rush-rush world.

At Eduventure Dorset, we work in teams and develop a level of confidence in our own abilities and those of our teammates which cannot be acquired in our everyday lives. We are constantly surprised at how we each face challenges, both physical and emotional when in a natural environment.

So how do I feel after a day in the woods? I feel rejuvenated, I sleep like a log and wake up refreshed looking forward to the next day of adventure. What a difference!

Are you up for a challenge? Would you like to reconnect with nature and ‘get back to basics’ ? Click here for more info….

What are the benefits of team building courses?

I’m often asked this question, and does it really work?. Well I can only only go on what I’ve experienced and what clients tell me and the simple answer is yes it does and here is why.

Team-building is a great way to strengthen team relationships, build communications, improve productivity and boost morale. We provide training through physical, medium impact outdoor activities, which benefit your employees mentally and physically. Our challenging tasks demand team work and a range of diversified skills, which can only be achieved with planning, encouragement, communication and shared input. Your team will experience a sense of reward and accomplishment, as well learning about each other’s skills and strengths. Reinvigorate your staff, challenge them and see them in a new light.

Benefits of Team Building Courses

When people are performing their day to day roles and duties, it’s easy to assume that they are using their full skill set. At Eduventure Dorset, we challenge people in an unfamiliar setting, allowing them to demonstrate other aspects of their characters. And as everyone has the same knowledge about the given challenge, leadership is not necessarily granted by the group to those who have it in the workplace. Challenging your team dynamic forces members to collaborate and cooperate quickly and effectively, a technique that transfers easily back to the work environment.

Our challenges require the following skills and talents:

Problem solving
Appropriate risk taking
Building working relationships
Creative thinking
Building trust
Making decisions
Setting goals
Developing physical skills
Our base in the beautiful woodland of Dorset is the perfect area to free your staff of the confines of the workplace, allow them to expand their knowledge of each other’s strengths and commit to letting your team achieve together.

We provide all of the necessary instruction, challenges and safety equipment that you will need to have a fun and exciting day, as well as the insurances and risk assessments needed to keep everyone safe and cared for.

For more information on the courses we provide, or to book a place, please see here:

Team Building

Could I survive being marooned on a tropical island?

How many of us have watched a reality program on TV and thought, I wonder if I could do that?

Eduventure Dorset can teach you a number of key skills that will help you take the first steps on the road to survival. In addition, its great fun!!

So take a look at and give yourself and friends a great day out. You never know, YOU could be the next Ant, Ray or Bear.

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