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Eduventure Dorset Terms and Conditions

Eduventure Dorset (ED) T&C’s must be read carefully before booking a course. When applying to take part on a course with ED, you will be sent an application form. Once you have completed the form, return it to ED and a letter of confirmation of the course and its content will be sent to you. You and any others listed on said form, have therefore entered into a binding contract with ED. You have agreed to accept the ED T&C’s in full.


When all of the following have been completed, an agreement will therefore be in effect:

  1. A correctly completed booking form.
  2. A cleared payment of £50.00 for each person named on the application is paid into ED’s account.
  3. The sum of £50.00 (cleared) per person on the application must be paid in to ED’s account no later than 10 working days before your course start date.
  4. ED reserve the right to refuse an application, without giving reason. In this event, no agreement has been reached and all monies shall be refunded.


Every effort is made to limit any change to the price shown on the application form. However, ED reserves the right to alter their prices if costs involved in the running of said courses should increase dramatically.

In this event, applicants will be informed as soon as is reasonable. Any increase will be payable by same systems already stated above.

Course date changes:

Should a client wish to change the date of their course, ED will endeavour to find a suitable other date where possible. This is providing a reasonable amount of notice is given to ED. A Minimum of 21 days before the original course date agreed upon.

Weather conditions:

Eduventure Dorset conducts its courses in a wooded area. If weather conditions such as very high winds should be forecast before or during the course day, it is at the discretion of Eduventure Dorset to postpone or stop activities for safety reasons. If clients are on site, then a total refund of all monies will be returned if a suitable alternate date is not agreed.

Appropriate behaviour/conduct whilst on an Eduventure course:

All clients are expected to work with ED instructors and to follow all reasonable requests. Parents and carers of children on the course will be expected to maintain discipline and control of their charges. Clients will, at all times, receive professional and courteous behaviour from ED staff.

Any persons attending the course who are unable or unwilling to comply with the requests of ED staff will be removed from the course. All clients must be appropriately dressed for the course (including footwear). Any persons found to be under the influence of alcohol or appearing to be under the effects of any other substances will also be removed from the course. Abusive or threatening behaviour towards ED staff and/or it’s clients will not be tolerated and offenders will be removed from the course. Any and all equipment must be respected and used appropriately. Any deliberate damage will require the persons responsible being removed from the course. Any clients who have been removed from the course will not be refunded.


In the unlikely event that a client should feel there is a need for complaint, the complaint must be made during the day of their course, in order to rectify the problem if possible/warranted. Should the complaint not be addressed on the day, a letter outlining the issue must be received no later than 28 days after the course ended. In this case, ED will endeavour to resolve the issue if possible or warranted. Complaints made after the fact will not be entertained. Where the Law allows, Eduventure Dorset will not be held liable for claims made later than 28 days after the client’s course date.


Please use the form already sent to you.


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